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    Magic Jack

    2007 - 07.24

    So my friends have been asking me to post more about technology and stuff, so here it goes.  I (and 200,000 of my closes friends) had Sunrocket.  Great phone service with one issue.  They went bankrupt and turned off our service with no notice.  So what should I do about my LD phone.

    To backtrack, I am a big believer in POTS lines.  They don’t require electricity and rarely go down.  I guess that’s why they are called Plain Old Telephone service. 

    VOIP lines are nice but the lines go down, they need reboots, the routers fry etc etc etc.  The plus side is cheap unlimited calling.  My solution has been to have a POTS line as my primary and a VOIP line as a secondary and for outbound LD calls.  I used Vonage but canceled after a few months for really lousy connections and poor service.  I then did Sunrocket when they had buy one year for $199, get one free (otherwise known as under $8.50 a month for unlimited everything.)  I then repeated this process and got Sunrocket for another 2 years, or in reality 17 months as they are no longer.

    So then I again was looking for a cheap secondary line for LD calls.  Then I came across MagicJack.  I have been using it for a few days now, and like it so much, I ordered a second so I have one when I travel (or so m bro can steal it).


    • Easy setup – had to download a patch for Vista but from opening envelope to first call was around 3 minutes
    • Sound quality – 8 out of 10
    • Price – $39.95 for device and first year, $19.95 per year afterwards) – GREAT


    • Need computer on
    • The application must be open on computer 
    • Can only use one phone in it (unless you have a system like the Uniden extender phones that only have one unit plugged into a jack)
    • No local numbers YET 
    • That my bro will try to steal mine!!!

    That being said, I was told by customer service (1 day response time) that my Hackensack number will be available in August.

    Until tn, calling you from Tennessee.

     Try this baby out – it is hot.