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    We moved!!!

    2006 - 08.16

    So 8 days ago we moved.  It took 10 hours for the movers to do their job (more than the 7 they quoted) but everything looks great!  I have spent the last 8 days unpacking, moving boxes and missing sleep.  In the past week we starting finding things like my dishes, went to Upstate NY to pick up furniture, met the neighbors, complained to Verizon as my DSL is still not working (more on that later) and have started to try to relax.  Moving takes a lot out of a person which should explain why I have not posted in 8 days (that and the fact I have no DSL).

    Hope to see everyone by our place soon.

    mo-b (more to follow)

    So where are you moving?

    2006 - 08.06

    A bunch of people have asked where I am moving.  Therefore, I had a friend create a google map and I am linking it here for all to see. Click Map of mo-b’s house to see where I am moving!!! (Please note, the streets name is Edgemont Place, not Edgemont Terrace as it says on the map.)

    Dvar Torah 8/5/06

    2006 - 08.06

    This past shabbos was my last shabbos in my old apartment prior to moving to our new house.  It was therefore my last shabbos as President of our community shul, Congregation Ahavat Shalom.  It was a little bittersweet as I was living in Teaneck when Congregation Ahavat Shalom was formed and have been on the board since its inception.  I decided as it was my last week to give the dvar torah at Shachris prior to Mussaf.  Here it is as a PDF file.  PDF of Dvar Torah