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    mo-b, where have you gone?

    2006 - 09.27

    I have been getting a bunch of slack that I have not been posting to my blog.  This has been for several reasons:

    1. I have been busy
    2. Work has been busy
    3. I forgot my login password

    As you will see the internet is strange.  It wants me to remember 2,000 passwords like 8h65TFd$%qa1Z.  That is not as easy as it looks.

    But now that I figured out hoe to log in I will bring you my latest dilemma.  To paint, or not to paint?  That is the question.  I would like to paint a room or two because I don’t like cream (the current color) and think it will give the room some life.  Yacha thinks I am crazy. 

    If you would like to give me your 2 cents you know my e-mail. 

    Until next time, I remain.



    p.s. we are im”h getting FIOS over Sukkos!!!!