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    The water heater – part 1

    2006 - 10.24

    So,  as you know from reading my blog, we (Yacha and I) moved into our new house about 2 months ago.  B”H, there haven’t been any big surprises that we were not aware of.  Until last night…

    Last night Yacha calls me to the basement saying there is a flood.  A small one albeit, but a flood (40 gallons).  Once i figured out how to turn off the intake to the hot water tank i started swimming.  Once I got the required amount of exercise I started mopping. And mopping. And mopping. And mopping. (get the point?)

    Now I am home from work (realize, I am still working, b/c i don’t know how to take a sick day) and waiting for PSE&G to tell me what I already know, that the tank is dead.  What is more fun is the paying about $800 to get a new tank.

    How will this play out?  Stay tuned for our next installment.


    as always,