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    The Home Show

    2007 - 02.19

    So yesterday was Sunday and I had a great idea, go to the Home Show at the Meadowlands convention center.  Sounded like a good thing for someone who wants to do minor repairs at his house, i thought that maybe I’d get an idea or something. 
    It took 15 minutes to find parking, and I should have taken that as a sign to turn around and go home.  But at last, I continued.
    The first booth I walked into was for a basement finisher, Hey I thought, I want to finish my basement.  So I looked around (doesn’t take so long for a 6 by 8 foot booth and started to ask a question.  The sales person (I think that is what I should call him) gave me a dumb look.  I then asked (on cue) what do you guys do here.  He replied, we have a basement finishing system.  I then asked would it work in a shorter basement.  He asked where I lived (which I told him) and said “I don’t know, maybe.”  I then tried asking more questions, but all he could care about was getting me to fill out a card with my name, address and phone number so someone could call.
    I left his booth thinking, OK, maybe he is not normal.  However, when I found a nicer booth with an older women selling glass block windows, I thought, hey let me try again.  (Hey I already shelled out $7 for this “expo” and I asked her approximately what this cost.  “well it depends”  she said.  I asked for an approximation, a guess (hey per block what does it cost”?  Again, all she wanted was my contact info.  She was nice, and I understand that there is a large range, but then she admitted, we don’t know the prices, they pay us to get these cards filled out.
    While there I also was given the opportunity to buy a Gansu knife, a rubber squeegee and a pin maker.  All exactly what I was looking for!!!  (oh, and there were 4 cooking demonstrations.)
    While I think the idea is nice, if no one is willing to talk to you and all it is, is a glorified sales pitch, then maybe they should be paying me to attend and not vice versa.