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    Yearbook – part 5

    2007 - 06.07

    3 things you don’t know about the Libermans:


    1) They have a 50 gallon chulent pot

    2) Avrohom has more computers in his house than I do

    3) Did I mention the chulent pot?


    How I found out about that chulent pot is a long story, but I think I was making announcement’s in shul and Avrohom interrupted and invited me over.  Yes at 11am on shabbos.  (I guess 50 gallons of chulent is a lot!!!


    On a more serious note Avrohom & Rachel’s house is always open, whether it is a Shalom Zachor or a week before Purim.  I know what he did to help our shul, and what he does for NCSY is amazing.  Yashir Kocahem.  While you might not know him, his work knows you if you have ever gone to a shabbaton, regional event or have even made a small monetary contribution.  Oh, and Happy Purim!!!

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    2007 - 06.05

    Why you ask?  Because I can!!

     That will be all.

    Yearbook – part 4

    2007 - 06.05

    Malya Kurzweil 

    I remember when.

    About a decade ago I lived in an evil city.  Well the city was evil but the people, well a few of them were OK.  There was this person named Malya who would stop by my house every Friday night so she could hang out with the other teens in town.  This was a weekly process.  I would think about going to sleep, and then there would be a knock at the door, or a rock thrown at my window.  Well, not too many rocks.  This led to many things including a job with NCSY and meeting my better half.

    And many years passed…

    And then when I was doing birthright and in the old-city guess who I should run into.  (no, besides someone from Georgia).  Yes, Malya.  It is amazing how sometimes you need to go several thousand miles just to see your neighbor.  

    And now she runs JSU.  Wow.  Cool.  Hey, want to offer me a job?  Any group that does several weekly “Learning and Lattes” has to be the group to join.  I don’t know if JSU supports caffeine addiction withdraw therapy, but it should.  

    I actually have many more stories I could write about Malya but I am assuming I can make more mooney from her not publishing them than I can by putting them on my blog.

    Mazal Tov.

    Yearbook – part 3

    2007 - 06.04


    The Klappers. 

    “Marriage is what brings us together today.”  This line is from movie my wife loves and I can’t stand.  When people first get married they have lots to do.  Marriage is not easy.  Moving, adapting, living.  And then to give all of your spare time to the future of the Jewish people.  WOW.  Now that is something I respect.  As someone who dabbled in youth work (and still does on occasion) I can tell you the level of commitment needed is tremendous.  Ellie and Ashley, I (we) give you the bracha that your cutie (daughter) should grow up and follow in your example and be a super NCSY advisor and ultimately Administrator. 



    p.s. Please feel free to drop off the computer at any time.