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    My new map of Teaneck

    2008 - 02.17

    When I moved to Teaneck over 6 months ago, I was a bit unhappy about the fact that I could not figure out where anything was. The eruv map was out of date. The town was huge and as a non-native I did not know what was where. In fact, I kept finding new things in town every few weeks.

    To this end when I was president at Congregation Ahavat Shalom in Teaneck, I asked a member of my ritual committee to help make a nice new map of Teaneck that would include at least the eruv. Ezra took the project and ran with it inputting the old eruv boundaries as well as adding all of the RCBC kosher places.

    Time rolled on and no one could tell us where the eruv actually ended. Therefore it sat on a temperary server for a long long long long time.

    Well that was 2 years ago. About 6 months ago I took that old code and edited it and improved parts of it. I also updated and added many many places and removed the few that were no longer. I then went on a long journey to find out where the eruv boundaries actually are.

    And that brings us to today. My new map is hosted on my website, mo-b.net at http://www.mo-b.net/map It is also linked and templated like the Beth Aaron website at http://www.bethaaron.org/map (and these boundaries have been approved! YEAH!).

    I am now looking to figure out what else can be added to help the community in general.

    Until next time, happy strolling.