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  • Yearbook – part 5

    2007 - 06.07

    3 things you don’t know about the Libermans:


    1) They have a 50 gallon chulent pot

    2) Avrohom has more computers in his house than I do

    3) Did I mention the chulent pot?


    How I found out about that chulent pot is a long story, but I think I was making announcement’s in shul and Avrohom interrupted and invited me over.  Yes at 11am on shabbos.  (I guess 50 gallons of chulent is a lot!!!


    On a more serious note Avrohom & Rachel’s house is always open, whether it is a Shalom Zachor or a week before Purim.  I know what he did to help our shul, and what he does for NCSY is amazing.  Yashir Kocahem.  While you might not know him, his work knows you if you have ever gone to a shabbaton, regional event or have even made a small monetary contribution.  Oh, and Happy Purim!!!