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  • Buying a house – lesson 1

    2006 - 07.24

    Let me start off with a legal disclaimer -I am not a lawyer, realtor, mortgage broker nor do i work in real estate.  This blog and future posts are my first hand observations of this process and are my personal opinion.

    Now that I got past that let me say that the first and most important thing in purchasing a house is looking at houses.  While that might seem obvious to some it is not to others.  Yacha and myself looked at over 50 houses over a more than one year period prior to finding the one which we hope to be moving into soon.

    Over the 13+ months we learnt a lot.  Our styles changes, are likes and dislikes changed, and more importantly we learnt how to rate a homes value based on other houses in the neighborhood.  It also has helped us apprecaited the house we are buying so much more as we know what our alternatives are.

    When we started we had already looked at communities (more on that in a later blog).  We had finally chosen the one we wanted to look at and had two simple requirements for our Realtor.

    1. Near the Shul we wanted to daven in (although we looked a full 2 miles around it)
    2. In our price range (good luck on that one)

    Our realtor showed us many houses.  Some cost more than we could afford but were good to look at so we understood what was out there.  He showed us others that were smaller than we wanted, but again, it is hard to find the exact thing you are looking for and you as a buyer should have unlimited options.

    When looking at houses we started to develop taste as to house styles.  We liked the Colonial and the split.  We had mixed feelings on the tutor.  We had some issues with Capes.  The most important thing was by seeing many many many houses we could see how even some capes could appeal to us, and how other houses, even if in our price range were just not for us.

    We also placed bids (or tried to) on some houses that feel through.  While this upset us initially it helped us realize the entire process.

    That is my intro in a nutshell, and I hope to post much more in the near future.  Feel free to e-mail me at myblog@mo-b.com with any questions.